Information and conditions Onderneemvaardig

Onderneemvaardig helps entrepreneurs who have been affected by the corona crisis. We take a personalised approach. The coaching, workshops and 1 to 1 sessions made available by Onderneemvaardig through this platform are free of charge, but you must meet a number of conditions to access them.


The following conditions apply to all coaching programmes, workshops and 1 to 1 sessions made available through Onderneemvaardig:

  • You live in Amsterdam or Weesp
  • You have received Bbz or are receiving Bbz
  • You can respond to a message from a coach or workshop trainer within 3 working days.

If you are not in receipt of Bbz, but have a low income and limited savings, you will have to answer a number of questions to determine whether or not you qualify to participate free of charge. Your coach or trainer will check with the City of Amsterdam whether you are eligible.



Onderneemvaardig’s coaches are all specialists in a particular branch or field. You can select a coach that you feel is a good match from the overview page Coaches Onderneemvaardig. Your specific need is the starting point for the coaching. Together, you and the coach will agree upon the goals and collaboration.

  • In principle, a coaching programme consists of 3 meetings (1 introductory meeting and 2 coaching sessions).
  • Coaching lasts for 6 weeks. You can also arrange several shorter contacts with your coach which will be decided upon before the coaching starts.
  • Your coach will send an application to the City of Amsterdam. If this is approved, the costs will be paid in full and you will not need to pay anything in advance.
  • Free coaching is only available from Onderneemvaardig coaches.
  • It may be possible to extend coaching for up to a maximum of 5 months, but your coach will have to submit another request to the City of Amsterdam for this.
  • The coaching provided by Onderneemvaardig is not intended for former entrepreneurs.


Onderneemvaardig’s workshops are for all entrepreneurs who want to learn more about a specific subject.

  • These are online group workshops and last approximately 2.5 hours.
  • Each group has between 6 and 12 participants.
  • You can join a workshop once the City of Amsterdam has approved your application.
  • You may follow a maximum of four workshops.
  • Costs will be covered in full.

Het Fundament is a special eight-week programmefor artists who want to improve their business skills.

1 to 1 Sessions

1 to 1 Sessions for business owners living in Amsterdam who want to make their business stronger are also available. In these sessions, an expert gives individual advice which is directly applicable and will produce immediate results for your business!

  • You can have a 1 to 1 session after you have followed an online workshop
  • In a 1 to1 session, you and your trainer will work on points specific to you which need attention.
  • A work session lasts one hour.
  • You can follow a maximum of four hours of 1 to 1 sessions; this can be in the form of a single four-hour session, or several sessions on different topics.